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Trinidad And Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are situated close to the South American continental shelf and are separated from each other by a distance of 18.5 miles. Trinidad is the bigger of the two islands and visitors often come here to enjoy the abundant sunshine on its sandy beaches. While on the island, you can take part in local festivals, fun events, and many other adventure activities such as sport fishing and wind surfing.

Port of Spain, the nation's capital, is home to numerous captivating art galleries and quality restaurants. If you are interested in understanding the culture of the country, you can visit the National Museum, which displays a number of artifacts dating back to the primeval period.

The island of Trinidad was once a part of the South American mainland, but gradually, over a period of millions of years, the island's landmass drifted apart from the continental plate and is now a separate landmass measuring 50 miles long and 37 miles wide. The island boasts of an unmatched ecological and geographical diversity that is hard to find in nearby regions. The beautiful sandy beaches located on the North Coast provide the ideal environment for seclusion, rest and recreation. The interiors of the island are characterized by thickly forested peaks that offer outstanding hiking trails, framed by canopies of lush, indigenous rain forest. The central areas of the island comprise of agricultural plains and strike a fascinating contrast with the other areas on the island. The east coast comprises of sheltered wetlands and miles of sandy beaches from where you can view quaint fishing villages located along the coastline.

Tobago is the smaller of the two islands and is probably the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. The island is an elongated strip of land and is characterized by sandy beaches lined with palm trees, verdant rain forests, and pristine coral reefs teeming with rich marine life. Wave-beaten shores against the backdrop of lush green hills add to the natural beauty of the island. The south coast along the Atlantic is home to vibrant fishing villages whereas the north coast has some of the finest beaches in the region. The island of Tobago is a perfect compliment to the bustling island of Trinidad and its memories will live with you for a long time.