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Cayman Islands

The beautiful islands of Cayman lie just 480 miles to the south of Miami (an hours travel by plane). The islands are safe, serene, and beautiful and are home to some of the friendliest people in the whole of the Caribbean. The islands are extremely famous with tourists that throng here each year to spend their vacations. The beautiful islands, often compared to paradise, are particularly famous with honeymooners who find them ideal to embark upon a new era of their lives.

Grand Cayman is the main island and has a bit of something to suit everyone. It has a perfect blend of natural beauty as well as a lively and energetic town life. The island has a host of hotels, restaurants, duty free shopping, water sports, golf and nightlife facilities. The island is surrounded by picturesque beaches and has many recreational activities that are bound to offer you an ideal holidaying experience.

Cayman Brac lies 90 miles to the east of Grand Cayman (30 minutes in case you're traveling by plane). The island is extremely beautiful and has an abundance of natural scenic treasures just waiting to be discovered. The island has a variety of rare birds, beautiful orchids and strange geographical formations that make this island a favored tourist destination.

Little Cayman is only a five-minute plane ride away from Cayman Brac. Like other Cayman Islands, this island is also beautiful and appears to be set back in time. This scenic island is well known as a bird sanctuary and is famous for having one of the best diving sites in the world.

These three magnificent islands provide tourist and visitors with lots of sun, enjoyment and a plethora of fun filled activities, ranging from windsurfing and swimming to trekking and cycling. The government too has taken a number of measures to promote the island as an ideal tourist destination.